Second Grade Service Learning

Second Grade Service Learning
Posted on 03/23/2018
Service LearningSecond graders in Room 203 and 204 are in the middle of a service learning project with help from volunteers from PegaSystems. Volunteers are coming once a week to assist as the second graders move through the many stages of community service: brainstorming needs in their community, planning how to help, executing the project, and then reflecting on and sharing their work.

Ms. Branz's class chose to focus on our school community and complete a project to "make KLO safer" by focusing their attention on recess and the hallways. They are making instructional videos for recess safety tips to share with other classrooms, working together on safety reminder signs for the hallways, and will be painting the pavement on the playground to help structure lining up.

Service LearningMs. B's class chose to focus on the Cambridge community and complete a project to bring awareness to the environment we live in. They are focusing on cleaning up our community and teaching others how to make our community a cleaner place. So far they have been making signs, making flyers to pass out to local businesses, making a commercial to teach others about taking care of our community, and creating and practicing skits to perform for students at KLO. Within the next few weeks, they hope to do some planting and cleaning up in the Cambridge community.