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Fourth Grade

Fourth Graders at the K-Lo are working independently and collaboratively across the curriculum. Thanks to the Lesley Partnership, students are utilizing classroom sets of both iPads and laptops into their daily learning.

Within the mathematics Investigations program, students are spending time in 'Math Talk' proving their own math thinking as well as using constructive criticism to clarify others and make sense of thinking that differs from their own.

Social Studies
History has come alive with the newly implemented History Alive curriculum. Students are reading within the content area, and learning about the United States and the development of its regions.

science_4.jpgStudents in the fourth grade are being held to the high expectations presented in Lucy Calkin's Units of Study. While writing vigorously on a daily basis, they are including meaning and purpose to their writing pieces. As they move through the various units inclusive of narrative, persuasive and informational writing, they receive guidance on craft and conventions, adding to the improved quality of their writing. Fourth Graders at the K-Lo are also learning and practicing monthly character traits. Those students who regularly display the character trait of the month receive a certificate.

Students are exploring The Solar System, The Changing Earth and Electricity science units which include hands on activities and experiments, observations that recorded in their science notebooks and field trips around the city. Reader's Notebooks are used to practice and record what they notice, picture, predict, wonder, connect to and figure out while reading both independently, and within a guided reading group.

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