KLO Travels into the Future!

KLO Travels into the Future!
Posted on 11/14/2016

DraperOn Friday, October 7 our fourth and fifth grade students had an unique opportunity to visit Draper Laboratory to explore “Technology You’ll See Tomorrow.” Students got to learn first hand from the engineers of each invention! There were over 20 inventions!

Here is what fifth graders shared from their experience:

On the field trip I learned that when you first start a project it's not easy. You have a BIG idea in your head and you have to think: "How am I going to achieve this goal to accomplish my project/Idea?” When I went to Draper I saw a lot of finished and unfinished work. All of the work presented was very cool and fascinating. Like the Dragonfly Navigation System And the Robot in Training. Maybe when I get that age I might want to be a programmer or engineer like the workers at Draper. -- Teyana

There was a lot of cool stuff at Draper labs, such as a chip that can make an iPad, or computer last 1000 days! That is a lot of days!

Some other cool stuff was a device that you put on your arm and it detects hot and cold pulses. This can tell you if your body is uncomfortable with your surroundings.

One of the last things I saw was this chip, and I don't exactly know how it works but it can stimulate brain cells and it helps people with the Parkinson's. It is mainly designed to help with the Parkinson's, but it may be able to help with several other things.

It was really interesting to learn about what was being made, and there is a lot of stuff going on in the world that I didn't know about. It was really cool going there. -- Kinnell

At Draper lab the first thing I saw was a CPU that hackers can not get into so it can be safe in America. Because hackers can hack drawbridges and traffic lights which could make it dangerous, but this CPU should be able to stop hackers from hacking.

I also saw an app that could make a 3D image of DNA. I also saw a helmet that could read your brainwaves so you could do things like play a video game with your mind but that was not it's purpose. It's purpose was to put something in your body so you can get rid of sickness. -- Sammy

We saw a way to treat cancer, they would take your tumor and put it on a chip, which they put drugs on, to see what works. We also saw a robotic sky diver that could put a package a foot away from the place that it was supposed to land. It can carry up to about the weight of a car. It can deliver a tank to battle field! -- Conlan 

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