K107’s Year of the Dinosaur

K107’s Year of the Dinosaur
Posted on 05/28/2019
dinosaursRoom 107 had a wonderful year full of dinosaur exploration. They changed their room to resemble a real-life jungle/safari where dinosaurs could be found and where a very big volcano could erupt at any time. They always warned visitors to enter with caution into their Dinoland.

They had all sorts of adventures happening each week from snakes climbing up their walls to chipping away at clay, finding bones, while pretending to be paleontologists. In the sandbox you could find them digging up fossils while keeping a close eye on Pete the big 6ft classroom TRex. They even had a real lifesize foot of a TRex taped on their floor so you could measure yourself against it. It took all 19 sets of shoes to fill it up completely!

The kiddos were often dressed up in khaki hats and vests driving a Jeep with an old steering wheel and headlights that really turned on. Each student had their very own chosen blowup dinosaur to take care of and give a name. They built a dinosaur skeleton using toilet paper and paper towel rolls and put it on the wall of the entrance of their entryway. And they had a live visit from Jack the T-Rex Dinosaur (aka Ms. English's son).

The dinosaur theme ended up lasting the entire school year because the kiddos were having so much fun and they continuously added to their theme throughout the year. They were so proud of all their additions and loved when other classes came by for a visit to see what had been added to their classroom.
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