Arrival Procedures

  • Morning supervision in the cafeteria begins at 7:10AM. Please do not drop off your child prior to 7:10AM. If you arrive prior to this time, the doors will not be open and you will be asked to remain outside until 7:10AM.

  • If you are dropping off in a car and want to walk your child in, please pull your car forward past 8th street and the front entrance of the building (heading toward 7th street from Fulkerson). Do not park your car on the road in front of the school’s cafeteria as that is where our buses unload.

  • All students who need to eat breakfast should go directly to the cafeteria as soon as they arrive in the morning so they have ample time to eat.

  • Students who do not need to eat breakfast should either sit on the hallway benches, line up along the front windows, or go to the Activity Room for Art Activities with Ms. V until the 7:40AM bell rings.

  • All students in grades K through 5 must be dropped off in the main lobby. Parents and guardians will not be permitted to walk to the classrooms beginning on Wednesday, April 25th. We will have staff members on each floor to assist and supervise students as they make their way to the classrooms.

  • All Special Start parents will now drop their children off directly at the outside classroom door of the room instead of coming into and through the building.
    Any child who arrives after 7:55AM must check in with the main office to get a late pass. Our instructional time and many specialists begin right at 7:55AM so please make every effort to be on time so your child does not miss important learning opportunities. Parents of students who are late are expected to drop their child off in the main office instead of taking them to the classrooms.