Character Education Program

character_education.jpgAt the Kennedy-Longfellow, our focus is developing the whole child, academically and socially. Our students participate in community building and other activities intended to drive that social development. One of the activities students participate in is our character education program.

Each month, we focus on a specific character trait. The trait is introduced by the principal at a whole school assembly. Following that, the classroom teachers explicitly teach the trait. Throughout the month, the trait is the focus of much of what we do. At the end of the month, students are recognized for their demonstrated understanding and use of the character trait.

A list of the monthly character trait focus is provided below:

September: Citizenship

October: Respect

November: Gratitude

December: Self-Discipline

January: Responsibility
February: Integrity

March: Honesty

April: Perseverance

May: Fairness

June: Compassion