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In music class here at Kennedy-Longfellow, all students learn the fundamentals of music through singing, playing, and movement, using the approach of Zoltan Kodály. Each year students hone their musical skills and enrich their musical experience by applying their knowledge from previous years to their current unit.

Students begin in JK and K learning how to keep a steady beat, singing high and low, and singing in tune.

First Grade
In first grade students begin to clap and say rhythms, singing in Solfege with syllables and their hand signs, and play hand percussion.

Second Grade
Second grade students continue with rhythm, solfege, and hand percussion. They are introduced to instrument families and begin to play orff instruments.

Third Grade
Third grade students review rhythms and learn sixteenth notes (Tiri Tiri) as well as learn more solfege syllables, continuing to sing in tune. Students prepare for various methods of composition. At the end of the year students begin notation.

Fourth Grade
Fourth grade continues to sing in tune as well as their study of notation in preparation for playing the Recorder.

Fifth Grade
Fifth grade has the option of playing or singing in an ensemble. They choose between a brass/woodwind instrument, string instrument or singing in the chorus.