Kennedy Longfellow Physical Education

kids_running.jpgPhysical Education is an essential experience in human development. Through regular participation in a broad spectrum of activities, students have a channel of learning allowing every student, regardless of ability, to meet physical challenges, develop essential motor skills, assess individual abilities, appreciate the fun a joy of human movement, and develop strategies for improvement. The Physical Education Curriculum encourages participants to become aware of fitness and conditioning for a lifetime, to accomplish tasks by cooperating as a member of a diverse group, and to develop self-worth and qualities for leadership.

Physical Education in the Cambridge Public Schools is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn by doing in a climate that ensures equitable treatment and access for all. This environment supports sensitivity to race and sex equity, activities focus on the practices, traditions, and games of many cultures, and community involvement in programs and planning. The program also emphasizes a balanced approach to competition and cooperation, and development of interdisciplinary strategies.